Strength and Power in Home Decor

By David Artstone

Slate and Artstone - Power and energy refers to a subtle, almost indefinable force, which relates closely to how much focus various parts of a room command. An arm chair with intricate brightly colored patterns has a lot of power, because it stands out and forces you to look at it, especially if it is placed in a contrasting monotone room.

Color and pattern are two of the most common ways an object gains power. Bright colors tend to stand out, as do intricate designs. Subdued colors and simple patterns will tend to fade into the background, acting as support to stronger pieces. Contrast can help give a piece greater power, especially if it is used in bold ways. A single deep red clock on an empty white wall commands the attention of an entire room.

An object can gain power and energy through its weight, or perceived weight as well. The heaviness of an item is related to how substantial it is, which gives it greater credence in our minds. Drink coasters which are made of paper will have much less weight, and therefore less of a presence in a room than coasters made from stone. Size is another aspect to energy and power. By simply taking up the most space, an object can dominate an area. In this way it holds the focus of the greater part of the room, by simply being the most noticeable thing there.

One way you can focus energy into an area or an object is to use the inherent lines which are contained in your design to point at the desired spot. These lines can consist of architectural bones such as borders, window sills, counters, or trim, or can consist of your own decorative lines such as those created by the bottoms of portraits, or the direction of various tables and couches. Generally the inherent structure of a room will point at a focal spot; however this can be altered by creating intersecting lines which point in other directions. Tampering with your lines alters the flow of a space, so be aware of how directing the energy of a space changes the way you move about it.

Power and energy are often overlooked aspects of a room. Color, patterns, and texture offer such rich options when decorating, that people often overlook the subtle effects that are achieved. Understanding their effect on your room however gives you a whole new set of eyes with which to watch the world. - 30198

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Choosing the Right Water Feature for Your Garden.

By Steve Forkham

Your garden is your haven, and there is no reason you should not treat it like it is. If you are looking for a great new addition to your garden, try adding a water feature! A water feature will add a level of peacefulness and relaxedness to your garden, with a low maintenance level, making your garden much more relaxing to read a book in or just plain relax.

When doing Tai-Chi, yoga, or any form of meditation, there is something about a beautiful bubbling fountain that gives off a positive energy. Perhaps it is the natural ambience that the fountain gives off that brings people to installing a fountain in their garden. To some people, the water lulling in the background is enough to help them focus on any task.

When you first decide to put in a fountain, you need to put great care into picking out one that will go well with the rest of your garden, especially if you have any other decorations, you want to consider if it goes well with your motif. Does the fountain you're considering stand out in your garden llike a sore thumb, or does it look like it was meant to be there?

After finding the right fountain for you, you have to consider the next, possibly even more important thing. How are you going to power your feature? Placement of your water feature is important not only from a design perspective, but from a practical aspect as well. If you place it too far from power, it wont work. Consider this before buying, and you won't be upset.

So if you're looking for a way to make your garden a more classy and beautiful place to be, consider installing a fountain. The whole process is surprisingly inexpensive, and I think that you will be very happy with the results. Having a fountain in your garden is not only soothing, but it also adds a lot of character to an otherwise bland garden. - 30198

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Can You Buy White Bedroom Furniture On The Web?

By James Tolbert

White bedroom furniture comes in five styles they are; casual, contemporary, old world, cottage and traditional. Your choice will depend on the theme. Because of the way it's designed you are not limited to a few themes. I will show you below. Furniture can cost a lot depending on what you choose. Below you will find a list of places you can find bargain furniture.

You can use white bedroom furniture for a Cottage theme. Choose light airy colors; light pinky yellow blues. Lace, Floral and pastels stripes patterns work well in this theme. When choosing accessories pick things you like and blend them together.

When doing a country theme choose three dark, bright colors. A quilt will tie the colors together and add to the theme. It is best if you use either replicas or antiques for accessories.

If you want your bedroom to be relaxing use light cool colors like greens and blues. Then choose your 3 accent colors for depth. The fabric should be relaxing print. The accessories should be things that relieve stress, like water fall, or aquarium.

Beach themes can be accomplished by using sunset, beach, ocean and sand colors. When you accessories you should use things from nature, but be careful not to add too much.

White bedroom furniture can be expensive unless you shop for bargain furniture. Some good places to check are; warehouses, on line stores, rental companies and local furniture stores.

Warehouses always have bargain and clearance sales. There are numerous furniture stores on line, all ready to bargain. They offer free shipping and huge discounts. Of course online auctions sometimes have good deals. Rental companies sell damaged goods cheap. A local furniture store offers discounts.

Watch for online clearance deals. Generally the smaller stores will have and can make the better offer. If you are buying locally pay cash usually they will make a better deal if you have cash in hand. Sometimes the model will be sold at a discount, it is worth asking about.

The versatility of White bedroom furniture is amazing. It can be used for numerous themes. If you like to change themes often this will be especially helpful. Buying furniture can be expensive there are places like Local furniture stores, warehouses, and the web who offer savings on bargain furniture. If you buy on line Check Company's reputation, customer feedback, return policy and if shipping is included. - 30198

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Decorating And Easy Ways To Doing It

By Anna MaCary

Have you been sitting around, looking at your home and tired of it looking so boring. Maybe you want to brighten things up but not sure exactly on what to do to your home. Well, maybe you can do some simple decorating to your home to change things up. Just be sure that you have a couple ideas and have some plans written down in writing.

First, you need to write down exactly all your ideas that you have about decorating. Write down where you would like to have to decor in. For example, I want to have it in the front room and have some large rugs to compliment everything else in the room. So, decide on the area on where you would like it to be such as your bedroom, living room, kitchen, dining room, play room, backyard, back patio etc.

Now that you have some things written down, you want to decide on what kind of decoration you would like to do. You can do anything from furniture, flooring, wall paper, outdoor rugs, and even having some paintings on your walls. You want to be sure that what you plan on using will blend in with the room easily. Also, be sure to write down exactly how much you can afford to spend on a project, that way you have some idea about the things you can buy to beautify your home.

You next step, is to make sure that what you plan on buying will match the area you are putting it in. You want to have fun at this part because in decor and designing anything goes, just try to be creative here. Make sure you try to match it with your furnishings, curtains, carpet and just trying to keep everything in one simple theme.

Now that you have the basic plans, next is buying the materials need to complete the job. You have many choices on where you can buy decoration products but the best solution, is looking around online for the products you need. It's really easy this way, when you do everything from the comfort of your own home. You can look through all the pictures, prices, and even the measurements. Always compare and check with a few sources before coming to any conclusion.

Once you have ordered your products and have them in hands. Your job now, is to place it where it best fits. Now wasn't that so easy to do decor to your home. It's so much fun, when you take the necessary steps and start laying down a plan to finish a project. Now that you have finished, you will have many people and friends enjoying the way you have done your home and you will finally have something you will appreciate as well. - 30198

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Serenity and Ease in Bedroom Decorating

By David Artstone

Slate and Artstone - It is important that you create a serene and relaxing environment in your bedroom. This will both help you to sleep at night, and will also allow your mind to unwind and relax at the end of a hard days work.

On the one hand, the bedroom should be a peaceful place. Relaxing it should soothe you into sleep, and ease the burdens of the day away.

On the other hand, you don't want to sleep forever. The bedroom is where you wake up in the morning. It is a place where you want to feel vigorous, frisky, and powerful.

Finding a balance between these desires requires understanding your own nature, and creating a space which prompts you towards a better rounded nature.

If you are a deep and easy sleeper, able to snap into a nap and stay there for hours on end, you might want to put a little fire in your bedroom. It might invigorate you, and motivate you to get out and get active again.

You can do this using bright colors, and bold expressive art. Decorative items should be vigorous, patterns should be strong, and there should be contrast throughout.

But if you are an angry person, if you are easily agitated, if you have trouble sleeping, you may want to avoid anything that is too stimulating in this space. Instead, try to fill the room with soothing objects, and turn it into a relaxing escape from the worries of the day.

In this case, you will want to use soothing colors such as ocean blue and forest green. You should also consider peaceful decorative peaces, scenes of nature, and gentle patterns such as floral styles.

The ultimate nature of your bedroom should be a balance which helps you compensate for your own imbalances. In this way, the bedroom is a tool designed to help you live your life. - 30198

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Different Types Of Shower Enclosures

By Manuel Vintagoli

Sure, many of us are still happy with our old fashioned shower curtains. They fit, they are easy to buy, you don't need to worry about sizes, and if you redecorate all you need to do is find another shower curtain to match. Simple. Cheap. And best of all, shower curtains can be put into the washing machine! No scrubbing, no special cleansers, no special nothing! Of course, many of us have also grown tired of shower curtains and are now venturing into the new shower enclosures.

Showers now need their own accents, their own style, and their own personality. Usually at a pretty hefty price tag. How on earth do we even begin to decide which one to buy? What might look best? Should we decide based on the price, or do we try to buy something that others might like because we want to sell our home?

All these questions can start flooding by as we head to the local home improvement store for something that our parents and grandparents probably never had to worry about. Chances are if they have anything besides the standard shower curtain, it's probably a cheap builder quality, rimmed with aluminum, and it does the job.

If we are staring at the original shower that came with the house, chances are we are looking at what's considered builder quality and a standard size. And if we haven't made any upgrades since we bought the house, it's probably in tough shape, needing replacement. Wouldn't it be easier just to buy the same thing again? Sure!

Budgets are important and what we spend will have an impact on how the bathroom ultimately looks after we install the new shower enclosure. A small average bathroom won't matter much one way or the other as long as long as it looks better than what you had before.

Custom sizes might needed in many cases. There are only a certain number of "standard" sizes, but nowadays it seems every builder has his own signature bathroom, thereby requiring custom showers and just about everything else. These can be quite expensive - even in the low end product lines. Everything that is rimmed or outlined in aluminum tends to be less expensive, but for high end brass, nickel or rimless, custom enclosures can become so expensive as to make buyers rethink the old fashioned shower curtain strategy!

Builders used to have standard sizes for everything - windows, doors, vanities, kitchen counters, and of course, showers. No more! Everything is custom. Need a new enclosure? You'll probably need to order a custom size which means more money and a long wait for it to come in. If you're lucky enough to have a standard size, you might be able to get away with something pretty inexpensive, rimmed in aluminum, and easy to install.

However, if you are trying to upgrade your upgrade your bathroom because you want to sell your home, you'll need to take into consideration what home buyers are looking for nowadays, and it's not Plexiglas with aluminum. You may need to spend much more than you planned in order to get your bathroom into the 21st century! - 30198

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How Should You Opt For Internal French Doors?

By Hazel Wig

The use of Internal French Doors is not new. They were used in Europe during what is known as the Georgian Period and were quite popular at that time. The concept was brought to America by the first settlers and was considered the height of elegance. It allowed light to penetrate the interiors of small rooms while providing an element of privacy for occupants of both rooms.

Hotels and other high class establishments often have these doors throughout their buildings. These doors, combined with elegant rugs, chandeliers, plants, and other items of beauty, present an atmosphere that the person fortunate enough to use the facilities can really enjoy. For those who have not visited an establishment such as this, it is well worth the trip.

In the modern home the use of interior glass doors is invaluable. Allowing for the subtle supervision of one's children in the playroom or a view of the rest of the house from the home office gives one advantage that a wooden door would never make provide. With the addition of this type of clear viewpoint, it is possible to quickly respond when needed.

In planning a client's theme many new designers are presenting the idea of using a certain Era or the theme of another country to enhance a look. For example, if wishing to present a room based on a Tuscan theme the Internal French Doors could be designed to reflect this culture as well as allow light into the space and provide privacy between rooms. This can be specifically designed around an individual's personal wishes and tastes.

While the use of French doors inside the house was once considered old-fashioned with the variety of designs and textures now available this is no longer true. A huge advancement has occurred regarding their construction. Not only are the choices of glass varied, so are the choices in framing materials. They also can now be obtained with almost any pattern or design required to complete a decorating scheme.

A visit to the Internet will reveal the many new doors available which would fit in very nicely in one's home. They come in all sizes and prices and are designed to fit any lifestyle. By incorporating this product in the home an outstanding picture can be presented to anyone visiting the home. This addition will not only add beauty, but also increase the value of the home by showing that it is in fashion with the latest home decorating style.

When purchasing and moving into an older home the first thought is usually to imprint one's personal styles and desires on the property. This may includes painting, re-doing the floors or carpeting, and making other general repairs. Following the basic cleanup the decision must be made as to what type of style is desired. No matter what decorating theme is decided on all aspects of the new decorations must be considered. The use of this type of door will reinforce whatever theme is desired and bring outstanding results.

Modern home designers are including Internal French Doors in their recommendations to clients who wish to develop a special theme in their homes. These doors present an unusual and beautiful addition and are adaptable to ensure every portal is secure. Any visitor to a home with these additions will be amazed at the result and, no doubt, will seek further information on how this amazing transformation came about. - 30198

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